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This is a selection of some of my acting work, including shorts and TV commercials.

Hector and the Search for Happiness (Short) - Directed by Peter Chelsom

Ford Mustang - "Great Deal" (director's cut) - Directed by John Albanis

LiveEarth - Directed by Peter Chelsom

Comcast - Fast - Directed by Mike Maguire

Comcast - Fast from Mike Romo on Vimeo.

Target - Kittens - Directed by Wayne McClammy

"Action News" (for Symantec / Norton) - Directed by Todd Sullivan

"Action News" (Norton spot) from Mike Romo on Vimeo.

My Interview with Stan Lee

Fallon Healthcare - Directed by Don Rabe

Fallon Healthcare from Mike Romo on Vimeo.

Disneyland 2fer (voiceover - I'm the Zebra at the end)

"Actor's Slate" - Uploaded by request…

My old Actor's Slate from Mike Romo on Vimeo.